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  • 12 januari 2012
  • 19:07

Sensation XL 1.05.401.4

with Capychimp's & Robocik RCMIX Tweaks!

Bringing you the most advanced, fastest, most stable ROM ever produced for the HD2 and also the most advanced EXT4 Recovery made by madmax ported and modded for the HD2 by me! This ROM has a first of many things ever seen on the HD2 and has inspired almost all HD2 ROM developers to use my work and ideas in one way or another! If you have seen it on other ROMs it was started here first!
Some of the main features are listed below:

Fully modified Runnymede ROM with mods for compatibility to work on the HD2. It is the first and only HD2 ROM that has had OC (andrev_oc) built in and fully adjustable.

  1. First HD2 ROM that is fully compatible with all THEMESfrom all Runnymede roms eg: Coolexe, RCMIX, Inspire, Incredible S etc.
  2. Has all the mods from the RCMIX ROM and much more. It is customizable with the RCMix3D Tweaks app and also can have the Bliss mod installed for the Bliss ROM look.
  3. First and only sense 3.5 ROM with working Advanced Power Menu
  4. Journalling-feature of EXT4 File System can be switched on for those who want to play with it from version 3.1 onwards - a feature not often found…
  5. First HD2 Sense 3.5 ROM with fully working ROM Manager/CWM or 4ext Control/4ext recovery, including auto flashing from within the apps (cLK only)
  6. More features than any other Sense ROM ever Built for the HD2. It is the fastest sense ROM ever built and will change the future for sense ROMs on the HD2
Screenie from the Stock Version:

The Downloads:

The Stock ROM: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Flash this also for Stock ROM: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
This will replace the themed framework accidentaly left in the stock ROM and also fixes force close on the miscellaneous option in the tweaks settings!

Suc6 met Flashen

Bewerkt (24 april 2013 14:02)


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  • 12 januari 2012
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Op AW is Nederlands de voertaal. Wil je je post a.u.b. vertalen naar het Nederlands?

Bewerkt (24 april 2013 14:03)


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